Meno-Entrepreneur Q&A With Rochelle Weitzner of Pause Well-Aging

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As a beauty industry veteran, where did you work before launching Pause Well-Aging?

Before Pause, I was the CEO of Erno Laszlo, and before that, I was the CFO of Laura Mercier & Revive Skincare.

What was your first Pause Well-Aging menopause product, and why did you choose that item? 

The first product I knew I wanted to produce was our Cooling Mist. The line was born because of my first hot flash. It was such a crazy, stressful, anxiety-invoking experience, and I wanted to be sure that no other woman had to go through it as I did. I wanted to create a product that not only immediately cooled but would keep cooling for up to an hour, as hot flashes can be long-lasting. I also wanted to be sure that it wasn’t cool much beyond an hour because sometimes, when it passes, we then become cold. And lastly, I wanted to use ingredients that would act as adaptogens to help reduce life’s stressors and provide a calming effect.

How did you design the fascia stimulating tool? 

A few key things went into the design. First, I wanted a tool that would hug the contours of the face and be very comfortable to use. I also wanted to be able to target certain key areas like the jawline, eyebrow area, etc. I mentioned that I was formerly the CEO of Erno Laszlo. During my time at Laszlo, I used the sea mud soap on my face daily. This bar soap, over time, began to take on the shape of my face. As a result, I traced the bar, and that became one of the edges of the tool. From there, the fishtail edge became clear to get the jawline and key target areas. The essential piece of our fascia stimulating tool is the beveled edge, and this was designed by Dr. Jessica Hill, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, to ensure that the tool could generate Shear – the movement of layers of fascia across each other – with very minimal pressure. This shear is what stimulates the cells that produce collagen.

What has been the most challenging part of launching Pause Well-Aging? 

Gaining brand awareness. The reason for this is what is most frustrating. Major companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, and QVC all have legal departments that have determined that menopause is a medical condition. Because of this, we have faced huge challenges getting in front of customers with our skincare products because these companies tell us that we cannot speak about menopause. For a brand created to help break the taboo surrounding menopause, not speaking about menopause is a little bit of a problem. I have made it my mission to fight these large corporations and help educate them that menopause is a life stage, no different from puberty, and every woman lucky enough to live long enough will go through it.

What keeps you going when it gets challenging?

I focus on the feedback that I get from customers every day, talking about how Pause products have given them back their beauty, have allowed them to recognize the person in the mirror, and have changed their lives by providing relief from hot flashes and the anxiety that comes with them.

What else you would like the Midday audience to know?

I like to say that menopause is our passage to power. It’s the time in our lives when we have the most freedom, we are the wisest we’ve ever been, and we just don’t give a f*ck what anyone else thinks about us.

Yes, to that sentiment!

We couldn’t agree more with your outlook on menopause and midlife. Thanks, Rochelle, for sharing Pause Well-Aging’s mission and your passion for menopause and midlife women’s well-being with us.

Rochelle Weitzner is the founder and CEO of Pause Well-Aging, a leading skincare brand for women in the menopause life stage. To learn more about Pause Well-Aging, their Cooling Mist, and other skincare products (the Collagen Boosting Moisturizer is our CEO’s favorite), download our Midday App and check out our product marketplace featuring the latest brands and exclusive discounts to support you on your menopause and healthy aging journey.

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