Product Review: Better Not Younger’s Superpower+ Advanced Serum

Better Not Younger Product Review Advanced Super Serum

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Better Not Younger came on the scene in March 2019 as the first haircare brand specifically designed for women 40+. Since then, their products for hair concerns caused by menopause and aging have been wildly successful, earning acclaim from customers and the industry alike. Riding the wave of their best-selling Superpower hair thickening line of products, Better Not Younger recently launched the Superpower Advanced+ Hair Densifying Scalp Serum.

The original Better Not Younger Superpower Fortifying Hair & Scalp Serum tackles the early signs of aging that most women experience during the perimenopause through postmenopause life stage: thinning hair, dry, brittle, frizzy hair, and gray hair. Estrogen levels decrease during the menopause transition causing our scalp to produce less oil and become drier and more prone to irritation. Our hair follicles shrink, become brittle, and take longer to grow. Some follicles stop producing new hair altogether. And styling practices like coloring and straightening our hair or using blow dryers and flat irons further damage the hair cuticle, causing strands to break and frizz.

Their NEW Superpower+ Advanced product is targeted at women experiencing excessive scalp dryness, flaking or sensitivity, significant shedding, and noticeable thinning. For example, your hair part becomes wider, or you see less hair at the crown or temples versus earlier signs of hair aging. This formula was designed to provide instant relief and moisture to dry, red, flaky, or irritated scalps and, used daily, has been shown to support healthier looking hair growth.

The Superpower+ Advanced lightweight gel formulation offers a more potent blend of ingredients, including their trademarked Superpower™ Blend, alongside natural ingredients like rosemary extract and apple cider vinegar. According to the company, rosemary extract provides an antioxidant-rich essential oil to support a healthier-feeling scalp and thicker-looking hair, and the apple cider vinegar helps to tone and balance the scalp and increase shine and smoothness in hair strands.

To use the product, you dispense the serum directly onto the scalp in sections using an autofill applicator dropper and then massage it onto the scalp manually or by using the Superpower+ Advanced Comfort Liquid Comb. The comb, which comes in a kit with the serum, offers a soothing scalp massage that promotes circulation and healthier follicles and hair. 

Better Not Younger backed up these claims with a 2-month consumer perception study amongst women 40+ and found that 84 percent of women said their scalp was less visible after eight weeks of use. Moreover, 84 percent felt immediate relief on their scalp after application, and 87 percent said their hair was growing in healthier. The reason the brand tests for a minimum of eight weeks is due to the fact hair grows at a rate of around 1/2 inch per month, so at eight weeks, at least 1 inch of new hair/hair growth becomes visible.

Source: Better Not Younger

Research shows that improving our hair and scalp health goes beyond products applied directly.  Sonsoles Gonzalez, the founder and CEO of Better Not Younger, is a big proponent of making good lifestyle choices. Aside from the menopause transition, factors that can create hair problems include stress, illness, dieting or poor nutrition, poor sleep, some medications, and genetics. That’s why the company created supplements to help you strengthen hair, skin, and nails. Significant Other targets hair, skin, and nails, while Power Within focuses on the hair and scalp,

Putting Better Not Younger To the Test

We had several women in our community test the Superpower+ Advanced Serum and Superpower+ Advanced Comfort Liquid Comb over the last few weeks to see if they performed as well as their previous products. Here’s what they said.

Tester 1 – 50 years old, thin, fine, blonde highlighted hair

“First of all, their packaging is gorgeous, it reminds me of a summer sunset at the beach, and the frosted glass gives it a very premium, upscale feel. I’ve used their original Superpower serum before, but I have to say I prefer the Superpower+ Advanced gel formula because it didn’t run down my scalp when I applied it with the dropper. Ditto the applicator. It absorbed really quickly and just stayed in place until I massaged it all in. I primarily used it at night, after my shower, but I did use it some mornings instead, and it never made my roots look greasy, which was a plus! I also appreciated that this product is fragrance-free, as I’m finding I’m becoming a bit more sensitive to some scents.”

“I had developed a couple of small dry, scalp patches above my left ear a month before trying this product that was sometimes itchy and uncomfortable. After using the Superpower+ Advanced Serum for just 2 days, the itchiness went away. The top of my head also sometimes felt dry and tight, probably because I wash my hair every day, but after a few weeks of using the product, my scalp is feeling less ‘tight’ and more balanced and hydrated. Another thing I’d been noticing was that the hair at my temples had been getting progressively thinner and grayer. Because of this, it’s one of the first places my salon color fades and one of the areas around my face where my scalp is more visible through my hair. But after just four weeks of using the serum (and admittedly, I did skip a day or two), I am noticing thicker baby hair growth at my temples. Yay!”

“I’m going to keep using this product to see if my hair continues to get thicker and fuller in some of the thinning areas, but my scalp certainly feels a lot better, and my roots are looking quite shiny and strong. Thumbs up!”

Tester 2 – 57 years old, thick, dry hair with breakage

“My hair doesn’t look as smooth as it used to, and I’ve noticed some flaking from my scalp. The white flakes on my shoulders when wearing dark clothes are embarrassing. The serum is quick and easy to apply. After a few weeks, I didn’t see the flaking. Also, since I lightly combed the serum through my hair, my hair doesn’t look as dry, and it’s smoother like it used to be. I kind of feel that the serum is like applying moisturizer and serum on my skin to keep it hydrated, supple, and glowing. I’m doing the same for my hair and scalp. Like all the Better Not Younger products, the quality is really good, especially for the price, and I love the packaging. I like this product a lot and would buy it again.”

Tester 3 – 70 years old, thin, fine graying hair

“My hair is super fine and thinning. After a few weeks of mostly daily use, I found it easier to style my hair, especially on the side of my head where my hair is thinner. My hair appears fuller and less thin. I will continue to use the product.” 

Tester 4 – 65 years old, thin, fine hair

“I am a big fan of Better Not Younger Superpower Serum.  It really calms my hair’s frizziness and helps my damaged ends.  Also, after washing my hair, I have noticed the benefits carry over, and my hair is easier to comb out.  I will continue to use Better Not Younger Superpower Serum.”  

The Bottom Line On Better Not Younger

Like our previous product reviews for Better Not Younger, our community testers were enthusiastic about Superpower+ Advanced Serum.

The company’s products are sold through its website, Sephora, Ulta Beauty, and On all sites, ratings for each product average an impressive 4 to 5 stars over thousands of reviews.

Try Better Not Younger products for yourself and see what you think. If you order from the company’s website and are unhappy with a product, they will issue a full refund of the purchase (minus shipping, handling, or other service fees). All products must be unused or be less than 1/3 used and returned within 30 days of the purchase date. Products purchased from other retailers are subject to each individual retailer’s return policy.  

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