Winterizing Your Hair and Skin

menopause skin and hair winter tips

Cold temperatures and overheated indoor environments can make our already dry menopausal skin and hair even drier. To learn how we can keep our hair and skin hydrated, healthy, and glowing all winter long, we sat down with the founders of two of the hottest menopause brands: Rochelle Weitzner, Founder and CEO of Pause Well-Aging, and Sonsoles Gonzalez, Founder, and CEO of Better Not Younger. Rochelle and Sonsoles are pioneers in creating brands that address the unique skin and hair needs of women 40+ and the changes that occur during the menopause life stage. They are at the forefront of developing products that use advanced technology and the latest ingredients to tackle tough problems like dry skin and thinning hair.

In this master class, you’ll learn:

  • Why your hair and skin change after 40
  • What we should and shouldn’t be doing to our skin and hair as we age
  • Why your go-to products and routines need to change
  • What products are best suited for women 40+
  • Ingredients to look for and those to avoid
  • Expert tips on topics ranging from how often to wash your hair to how frequently you should moisturize your skin
  • Strategies for maintaining healthy, hydrated skin and hair during winter

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