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Look outside; the sun’s still shining.

Midday exists to help women walk on the brightest path of health and wellness. We set out to create a digital health solution to transform the menopause life stage and empower women to kickstart healthy aging and absolutely thrive.

Transforming how 3.8B women will experience 1/3 of their lives

When menopause starts, life is at its busiest: most women are still working, supporting kids and family, all while maintaining friendships, health, and other interests. Navigating the landscape of solutions takes valuable time and the answers can be confusing and impersonal.

While menopause is a biological force that is both invisible and hyper-present, we believe that behind the multitude of symptoms is a wealth of hidden intelligence waiting to be unlocked. By leveraging deep tech, data, clinical knowledge, and scientific expertise, we’ve created a simple, easy-to-use digital health platform to Illuminate what’s happening, connect the dots, and provide personalized therapeutics that make sense for each individual. It’s nothing short of a revolution for half the people on the planet.

Founded by experts at intersection of women’s health and technology.

Ann Garnier

Co-Founder, and CEO, Lisa Health

Ann Garnier, the co-founder and CEO of Lisa Health, is a seasoned healthcare leader and operator, helping to create, launch, and scale innovative tech companies and products that have improved patient outcomes and access to care. Prior to Lisa Health, Ann was COO at CarePayment, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Operations at RelayHealth (McKesson), and Vice President, Strategy and Marketing for Paradigm Health (Optum). She is passionate about using technology to transform women’s health, advancing research on menopause and healthy aging, and helping women thrive in midlife and celebrate the start of something great.

Max de Zambotti, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, and Chief Scientific Officer, Lisa Health

Massimiliano de Zambotti, Ph.D. is a neuroscientist, co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Lisa Health. His expertise is in the areas of normal and pathologic sleep, wearable technologies, and women’s health. Dr. de Zambotti investigated and developed novel technology for women, including automatic detection, prediction, and characterization of hot flashes in menopause, sleep disturbance associated with hot flashes, and immersive meditation as a novel evidence-based intervention for various menopause symptoms. He’s authored over 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications and manages over $5M in research grants.

About Lisa Health

Lisa Health creates advanced technology solutions for menopause and healthy aging. The company’s Midday app is the first to use AI and sensor technology to illuminate the menopause life stage and support women with an end-to-end platform for personalized evidence-based and science-backed insights and therapeutics, including access to menopause specialists at Mayo Clinic.

Supported and backed by major medical and research institutions and investors

Our world-class advisory board

Fiona Baker, PhD

Senior Director, SRI Biosciences

Barb Depree, MD, NCMP

Director of Women’s Health Holland Hospital, MiddlesexMD.com

Risa Kagan, MD, FACOG, NCMP

Sutter Health, Clinical Professor, UCSF

Hemalee Patel, DO

Senior Medical Director, One Medical, Stanford, Facebook

Giovanni Colella, MD

Co-Founder & CEO / Chairman, OODA, Brightline, Vanna, Castlight, RelayHealth

Marcos Athanasoulis, PhD

CTO/VP, CredibleMind, Evalumetrix, Health Central, RelayHealth, Harvard

Eric Zimmerman

CMO/COO, Kumanu, Virgin Pulse, RelayHealth, Medscape, Staywell, J&J

Want to transform the health and well-being of 3.8 billion women? Join us.