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Whether you are in your 40s, 50s, 60s, or beyond, it’s inevitable for your skin to change. How these changes manifest – dryness, itching, sagging, wrinkles, fine lines, brown spots, and redness – depends on many factors. Your lifestyle is a significant factor, including sun exposure, smoking, drinking, poor sleep, diet, stress, and more. Another major contributor is the rapid decline in estrogen starting in perimenopause through the transition to menopause. When estrogen declines, it accelerates the normal aging process, and you begin to experience unwanted changes in your skin. Genetics plays a part as well.

This sounds like an inevitable date with destiny that’s out of your control. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to slow the passage of time and offset the effects of estrogen deficiency on your skin. Before you leap to products and cosmetic procedures, start with taking a careful inventory of your lifestyle. Lifestyle changes can take years off and help create healthy, glowing skin. Quitting smoking, religiously using sunscreen daily, and moderating or stopping alcohol consumption are highly impactful moves. More and more, we are learning about the impacts of poor sleep, stress, and an unhealthy diet on everything from our skin and hair to the risk of major diseases. Once your lifestyle is optimized for skin health success, changing your product regime to use products created specifically for maturing skin is a great next step.

Radical Skincare has been around for almost 15 years. Co-founders Liz and Rachel are sisters. They were inspired by their father, a renowned professor of plastic surgery, and by working in Los Angeles for 15 years and creating over 100 products for celebrities. When Liz entered her mid-40s, she started noticing changes to her skin, and around that same time, Rachel developed rosacea. Frustrated by the lack of products to address their needs, Radical Skincare was born! 

Radical Skincare co-founders Liz Edlich and Rachel Edlich. Beauty industry veterans creating advanced skincare products for women.

How Radical Skincare is Different

Radical Skincare takes a natural and clean approach to product formulation. They source the best plant-based active ingredients, choose sustainable packaging, and avoid over 60 harmful ingredients, including phthalates, paraben, sulfates, formaldehyde, and preservatives, to name a few.

The company’s 17 products are based on proprietary Trylacel technology that addresses various concerns from aging, sagging, dryness, wrinkles, rosacea, and more. The technology allows the maximum concentration of actives for maximum delivery to the skin for all skin types. Importantly, it helps maintain the antioxidant potency and performance in the products for maximum benefit delivered quickly.

A percentage of product sales go toward organizations making a difference in their community.

Source: Radical Skincare

Putting Radical Skincare To the Test

We tried a selection of Radical Skincare products to see if they lived up to the claims. Our testers had a range of menopausal skin concerns from wrinkles to dryness.

Tester #1 – dry skin, redness, thinning, and wrinkles

“Within days of using the Advanced Peptide Antioxidant Serum, I saw a noticeable difference in my skin. It was softer and nicely hydrated but also smoother with less redness. The deep lines on my forehead were less pronounced. It was even noticeable on my Zoom calls! Of the three products I tested, this was my favorite, and I would definitely buy it again.”

“The Skin Perfecting Screen SPF30 also made my skin softer and smoother, but after a few weeks, I noticed my pores were getting clogged, and it gave my pale skin a chalky look. The product was too rich for my skin right now, which was too bad because I liked the weight and results.”

“The Express Delivery Enzyme Peel was a pleasant surprise. It goes on like a gel, and you gently rub it in a circular motion for a few minutes, then rinse it off. You don’t feel anything like you would with a scrub or stronger mask, but when you rinse it off, there is a noticeable difference. My skin is tighter, glowy, and smooth. Whatever they put in it, it works very gently, too! The mask is another winner for me.”

“I’ve been going through a lot of trial and error with other products, and I was excited to find two new products to add to my skincare routine. Besides delivering great results, they are unscented and last a long time. I am excited to explore other products.”

Tester #2 – mature skin, wrinkles and fine lines

“I am over 70 and must admit I have wrinkles and fine lines on my face. I am always skeptical of products that promise less of both. When I first tried Radical Skincare’s Advanced Antioxidant Serum, I had no expectations. I loved how soft my face felt the first day I used it. My face continues to feel soft. I think my lines and wrinkles are visibly less noticeable. I am very pleased with this product and so glad I could try it.”

“I also like the Skin Perfecting Screen SPF 30. I use it daily over my face cream. It has been very effective as a sunblock and has a little pink tint that brightens my face. I like the light tint. I don’t use makeup, but it gave me a little coverage, which was nice and an easy step in the morning.”

Source: Radical Skincare

The Bottom Line on Radical Skincare

Testers were very positive about their experience with Radical Skincare. The products delivered noticeable results within days, including tackling challenging problems like wrinkles and fine lines. The products are premium but not more expensive than what you would find for similar products at department stores, Sephora, or estheticians. We like that Radical Skincare works to eliminate many troublesome ingredients and deliver on its commitment to clean, natural skincare products.

Try Radical Skincare products for yourself and tell us what you think. The company’s products are sold through its website and select affiliates. Products have earned an impressive 4.5-5-star rating based on customer reviews. If you are dissatisfied with your product experience for any reason, they will issue a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

For more tips on managing menopause symptoms and healthy aging, visit us at Midday.Health.

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