Bladder Leaks: 5 Things You Should Know (But Have Likely Never Been Told)

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As a 46-year-old mom of 4, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that I experience (at least) the occasional bladder leak. But it may be for many of you. Besides a few jokes between moms about trampolines and “peezing” (peeing while sneezing), we don’t typically talk about incontinence, especially as women in our mid-life. At the end of the day, bladder leaks are yet another example of something women have been socialized to deal with quietly. That, in turn, reinforces a very real sense of shame and stigma around what is actually an incredibly common – and very often treatable – condition.

Thanks in part to the groundbreaking work being done by Midday and so many others, the experience of aging as a woman in our culture is evolving. Taking active control of your health and being empowered to find the very best solutions for your changing needs is critical to that evolution.

5 Facts About Bladder Leaks

As the co-founder of the personal care brand Attn:Grace, I’ve helped hundreds of women better understand how to deal with urinary incontinence related to perimenopause and menopause effectively. Here are the five most important facts every woman should know.

1-In-2 Women Over 50 Experience Bladder Leaks

Bladder leaks are not a “niche” condition, and despite how it may feel, know you are definitely not alone.

Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Literally. This is why period care products that are designed to absorb blood don’t absorb bladder leaks as effectively. Fun fact: bladder leaks require five times more absorbency than is needed to capture menstrual flow. For this reason, cotton pads are not optimal for bladder leaks.

Incontinence Can Negatively Impact Quality of Life

For many women with UI, the stress of struggling with bladder leaks negatively impacts their quality of life.

  • 27% get less sleep
  • 50% worry about laughing in public
  • 75% avoid group exercise
  • 56% avoid social events

Bottom line: Finding solutions you can trust to let you live your life fully is incredibly important.

Avoiding Toxic Ingredients in Pads and Liners

Most incontinence products use petroleum-based synthetics, chlorine bleach, and other harsh chemicals indiscriminately throughout their design, often causing painful skin irritation and discomfort – further exacerbating an already challenging condition. Look for high-performing products that are designed to capture leaks without compromising skin health. Look for natural, breathable materials when possible. Need help? Find your fit with this simple quiz.

Bladder Leaks Can Often Be Treated and/or Mitigated

One of the most alarming statistics I’ve learned in the last few years is that it takes women an average of six years before they speak to their doctor about their incontinence. It’s really important for women to understand that seeking professional help can make a meaningful difference in dealing with bladder leaks and improve their quality of life.

For access to more education on bladder leaks, helpful pelvic floor exercises, products, and providers that can help you take back control of urinary incontinence, download Midday from the App Store or visit us at Midday.Health

Alexandra Fennell is a lawyer turned passionate entrepreneur and advocate for women’s health. She is the Co-Founder of Attn: Grace, a Certified B CorporationTM that launched in 2020 with the first-ever line of skin-safe incontinence care for women. Attn: Grace products proudly incorporate the cleanest, most sustainable materials possible while performing to the highest standards.

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