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Product Review: PeachSkinSheets

peachskinsheets for hot flashes and night sweats

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When we heard about the benefits of PeachSkinSheets to help keep menopausal women cool at night, we knew we had to get our hands on a set ASAP and try them out.

Made from advanced poly microfibers, the company claims that the sheets are more breathable and cooler than other sheets, including more expensive high thread count sheets. PeachSkinSheet’s high-performance athletic grade SMART fabric is supposed to keep hot sleepers cooler as a result of its thermal control and moisture-wicking properties. They also tout the sheet’s uber-softness and a 1500 thread count cotton that won’t shrink, wrinkle or pill. People with allergies or concerned about personal toxins in the bedroom will be happy to learn that they are hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and pesticide-free.

If you are used to thick cotton sheets, PeachSkinSheets will feel very thin when you take them out of the package. Our initial reaction was that they seemed cheap compared to our regular high-thread count set. However, with the promise of a cooler night ahead, we didn’t hesitate to make the swap.

Over several weeks of use, we found that the PeachSkinSheets did indeed deliver a cooler night’s sleep. We attribute this to the lightweight and breathable qualities of the fabric. The sheets are also incredibly soft and held up well over several washings, as promised. They came out of the dryer wrinkle-free and the same size as when they went in. The company provides specific laundering instructions to avoid pilling, which means washing the sheets with other PeachSkinSheets or separately from your laundry. If your partner has very rough skin, then you may have pilling issues.

PeachSkinSheets have a whopping 5.0 rating from over 9,400 customers on their website and a strong 4.4 rating on Amazon from over 1,300 people. Clearly, the sheets have their fans. Scanning the reviews, many menopausal women are using the sheets and finding relief!

PeachSkinSheets retail for $95-$179.95. With 24 colors and nine sizes, there is a set for everyone. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year manufacturer warranty against any defects in finish and workmanship.

Our final take, PeachSkinSheets are totally worth trying out in your quest to get a cooler night’s sleep. Here’s to a better night’s sleep!

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